Members of "The Brood" on their way to the ring

The Brood, The New Brood, or simply Brood is a faction of wrestlers with a vampiric gimmick. Composed of AROs, Mercy, and Luna; the male competetors of which are the most dominant tag-team in the CWWF. They are currently reigning as the CWWF World Tag Team Champions (being given the belts as the inaugeral champions). All brood members bare a large scar across their chest. Indicating organs removed.

Inception (Pre-CWWF)

The faction originally consisted of all of those listed above, and then-leader Omega. However, after much success in singles competition, and feelings of jealousy from second-in-command AROs, he decided to leave the group he had built; even allowing the chest scar to heal. AROs continued bitter atitude is further shown at the conclusion of CWWF PILOT EP. 1 PART 2