Keith Quinn as the MD man.

Keith "Moneybags" Quinn is an American caw wrestler and manager who competes in the CWWF.

He is the sole holder of the Million Dollar Championship


Quinn has a current gimmick of a hollywood social and cocky millionaire. He can often be seen boasting about who he knows and what A-list celebrities he hangs out with. In addition, he brings into conversation celebrities he doesn't get along with. Quinn associates with most rappers and actors.


  • RTG: 81
  • Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
  • Weight: 228lbs (103.41 kg)
  • Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Resides: Miami, Florida
  • Billed from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Debut: 2011
  • Retired: Still Active

Character Facts

  • He is 29 years old
  • He is currently heel
  • He is the inaugural MD Champion

In wrestling (CWWF)

Finishing move

  1. The Money Maker
  2. Right hand hook (to downed opponent)


  1. Soccer ball kick (to downed opponent)
  2. Quick Jab combo