Amsel Robert Ober (AROs) is an Germany born American caw wrestler who competes in the CWWF.

He is a member and current front-man of the faction known as "The Brood"; where he refers to himself as "the brain" behind the success. In addition, he is currently one half of the CWWF World Tag Team Champions.

He is the most skilled submission caw in the CWWF. His finishing submission move known as "The Hells Gate" is said to be unable to be broken once locked in (unless broken up by someone else).


AROs is a smug, rude, careless, narcissistic who has no sympathy for anyone.


  • RTG: 90
  • Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
  • Weight: 239lbs (108.408 kg)
  • Birthplace: Germany
  • Resides: ?
  • Billed from: Parts Unknown
  • Debut: 2011
  • Trained by: Omega

In wrestling (CWWF)

Finishing move

  1. Hells gate (Head submission)
  2. Heel hold (leg submission)


  1. Shoulder jawbreaker
  2. Faceplant (neckbreaker-twist)
  3. Neckbreaker
  4. Ankle Lock